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Sunday, January 12, 2014

What to say?

I’m not sure what to say today. . .

life is good, in fact it is great!

so what is the problem you ask?

  • I have recently discovered that my family doesn’t really read my blog. . . they just look at the pictures. . . it's difficult to say how distressing that realization was, but it definitely has come to my awareness.
  • My computer is having issues too
  • My favorite ever phone is giving me fits, so we decided to get me an “up-grade”  after 3 days I am back to using my old phone


However despite my current positive mental attitude, or lack of positiveness, 

Life is still wonderful, and I don't want to appear otherwise, or even worse. . . ungrateful!

with that statement,  I’ve decided that even though I’m not sure what to do about my family’s lack of interest in da blog I am forging ahead.

After a great deal of thought I have come to the conclusion that I am going to keep up with posts of the coming and going’s of my life for those who may enjoy my ramblings. 

One change that I am going to try. . . 

 is post shorter posts, even for big events like LOTOJA

I will post several short posts rather than one big long one.  

This should do a couple of things. . . 

First:  the posts won’t take me as long to write, thereby helping to help me to be more consistent in posting.

. . . The adaptation to married life and a young family has also increased my difficulty in finding time to post my thoughts in such great lengths

Second: for you as my readers it won’t take you as long to wade through what I have to say and then perhaps my family will take the time to read what I have to say. . . if not, well, then I am still going to write for my own benefit. 

So in short. . .


Training has picked up to full throttle. . .

We, as in Superman and I are already registered for the Ultimate Challenge which I attempted last year and failed miserably. . .

and the Spudman Triathlon . . .

Which I have already done, but this will be Superman's first tri and I have to say he is pretty stoked about it~


. . . and the Rockwell Relay which we did last year, as it was Superman’s first organized ride and we had a blast! 

We are definitely planning on LOTOJA . . .

however, LOTOJA registration isn’t until April, then with it being a lottery, we won’t find out if we are in until May. 

the plan is to achieve the triple crank award this year.


We had our first Christmas as a married family and it was wonderful, 

I wouldn’t change anything. . .

it was a picture perfect Christmas in every detail!

And this post is getting long enough all ready, and wanting to stay true to my pledge of shorter posts I will add to these thoughts next week. . .

Thanks for stopping in and joining me on my journey through life

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll be back in a couple of days . . . so

. . . ta-ta for now



  1. I love reading your posts. .. Every single word! ! ;)

    1. Bikegal. . . Thanks for reading. . . You always have been one of my greatest supporters! I hope you know how appreciated you are :)

  2. I am with Bikegal, Never miss reading about your adventures. Keep posting!