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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Poached Pears

It is February and I am here to give a report on my training progress

Training is going well, in fact it is great!  

We have transitioned into a new training plan, we are now doing “block” training, and trust me, it has been more challenging!

I am feeling stronger and my confidence is building that I just might pull it together to successfully complete the Ultimate Challenge in August. . .

YAY, that thought makes me smile with happiness

I am ready for spring to get here, I think . . .

you see, I KNOW what lies ahead in August

and yes. . . I’m already dreading it

as in really DREADING . . .

Coach forewarned me earlier this week that April and May are going to be brutal for training

. . . somehow, that makes me nervous

. . . but then so does the Ultimate Challenge!

UGH. . . just the thought of riding my bike up and over approximately 11,000 feet of mountains covering 114 miles is motivation to keep my training up where coach recommends.

I’m sure you understand
and even if you don't, you may pretend

this is the same ride that ate my lunch last year.  Granted, I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been, my training had been weak and inconsistent AND I was fat

. . . way too fat to conquer that much climbing

Back to the present, my nutrition plan is working,
as I knew it would,
as it has always worked

I fell short of my January goal, but that was my fault, not the plan.

but it worked well enough giving me a total loss of 7 lbs for January 3 lbs shy from what the goal was.  Now I am looking forward to being even better in February!

Have you ever wondered what to have for desert when you are attempting to keep your diet healthy and nutritious?

Poached Pears with a Raspberry Sauce may be just the ticket. . .

What is interesting about this dessert, is that I have had it in my mind for several years to make this, but just kept putting it off.  I have even purchased pears and then just eaten them instead.  In my mind I thought they would be difficult!

How silly of me. . . 

 now I chastise myself for not adding these to my list of recipes sooner

They are AMAZINGLY easy to make 
stunning to serve and. . . 

seriously, this little baby is delicious!

 . . . AND Super Simple to do!

The best part is you can prepare these little yummies a couple of days in advance.   
Simply keep pears soaking in the poaching liquid until ready to serve.

If you would like to make these for yourself all just click this little rectangle for the recipe

The sauce can be made several days in advance too or even while the fruit is in season and frozen, similar to freezer jam!

It is a delicious topping for ice-cream too. . .

did I say ice-cream?

oh, forgive me,

even if ice-cream is my fav. . .

it’s no excuse. . . we are having pears today NO ice-cream until April or May

. . . is anyone having a birthday party and wants to invite me?

I’ll come and . . .

I can come up with a dozen valid reasons that I should enjoy ice-cream at your birthday party

UGH, just kidding,

Honestly, I want to fit into my pants by summer, 
and my jerseys are still feeling slightly claustrophobic

I can’t afford to jump off the wagon,

so on second thought, you probably better not invite me to your birthday party
it would be tragic to turn you down, it would make me sad.

. . . unless you are having something wonderful like. . .

poached pears



they truly are wonderful after any meal


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  1. I'm so glad that you're getting the weight off and that your training is going really well!