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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gender Revealing Party

What is a gender revealing party????

I’ve never heard of one of those before. . . .


When I was a kid, we knew a baby was coming, and we anxiously and patiently waited until said baby was here to KNOW whether it was a boy or a girl. . .

we had fun in the process, hence all the theories, wives tales, and silly things we came up with to pre-determine what a baby was going to be. . . but alas, Technology has taken all of the fun suspense away and the daughter and her husband decided to “find out” what they are having, and then they had a Gender Revealing Party to inform the rest of us. . .

technology has made life so complicated!

. . . But it also created an excuse for me to make a cake!

And that was fun

So I got to work, the limited creative juices began to trickle in and I came up with an idea!
It turned out to be a brand new adventure and a path of exploration but in the end I had a marvelous time.


Building a cake is always a process that creates a mess, but this particular venture was EXTRA MESSY one that completely dominated the kitchen for like an entire week as I ventured for the first time ever with creating figures with gum-paste. . .

I have never been remotely gifted in the artistic arena but couldn’t figure out a better way to pull this off. . . so here’s how it all went together:


The flowers were first, and overall pretty easy and SUPER fun to do!  I think they turned out pretty good in the end. . . but I like flowers so that helped.

My second challenge was that I decided in the very beginning that this baby was a girl.  

As hard as I tried, it was difficult to make the cake non-gender specific, it just wanted to look “girly” . . . similar to when I did the non-gender specific cupcakes for the Oreo’s baby shower a couple of years ago, It just wanted to say “boy” and I could not get it to change, no matter how hard I tried. . . period.

I ended up with a little red wagon with a stuffed bear, some leaves, (I forgot the sticks), and a basket ball. . . seemed boyish enough, oh, and the little worm in the grass and a bug sitting on the wagon, actually it was a dragon fly. . . super cute.  the modeling and painting job needs some help, but it served it’s purpose.


One thing I discovered is the need to invest in a few more supplies if I am going to do this more, and after some research and education, next time I will try using modeling chocolate instead of gumpaste. . . it seems a little more forgiving and appears to be much easier to work with.

Regardless of the medium, it's much better than play dough, as it allows much smaller and more detail, it hardens, as in rock hard, you can paint it, or pre-color the dough and then just have fun, sort of like playing with play-dough. . . what could be better than that???

. . . um, more artistic talent, that would help a great deal!

This experience brought back vivid memories of being in 4th grade art class playing with clay, I wanted to make a piano, and it was a mess, my teacher finally recruited a class mate to help me

. . . who, by the way, had made the most awesome dragon I have ever seen. . . 

. . . yes, that would be my fate: no artistic ability what-so-ever

. . . sometimes life just isn't fair.

okay, I will quit sulking now and move onward.


for the “girl” I determined to create a stroller with a doll and stuffed bear. . . It

turned out cute, minus the lack of artistic ability, but we will keep it anyway.

In the end I had fun and learned a lot and even though I will never be on the same elevated level as some of the pros where their work is absolutely incredible, next time will be even better. . . 

Besides, it’s the effort, the thought, and the labor of love that counts. . . right???


. . . and, I’ve seen worse Smile

in my world, that’s a redeeming factor anyway

I'll take handicap points where ever I can


I elected for a soft yellow icing with a pink and blue sidewalk for the outside

and on the inside. . .


As a fun surprise, the actual cake was a pink/blue torte cake

the Oreo was eyeing dessert and we caught him at the perfect moment


sorry little Oreo, not just yet


The daughter and the business man went to great lengths to give their little party a fun flair

pink and blue popcorn, cotton candy and punch.


We as the guests were to wear the color that we thought the baby would wear. .  . 


The parents tried to throw us all off by wearing opposite colors!

nice try guys. . . 


naturally we all wore pink. . . 


They had several wives tales posted on the wall that we as guests answered as a fun little starter game, in addition to a scrabble where they put letters on the bottom of each plate and those sitting at the table were to unscramble the letters into a potential name. . . with six tables they had 3 girl names and 3 boy names for us to solve.

In the end, the little party event turned out very nice and we had a wonderful time

we found out that the once again the cake told the true story . . .

we are having a. . .





  1. What a fun party/celebration! Love the cake! Hooray for a girl!!

  2. I can't believe how much time and energy you and your daughter put into this party. I would be fired from party duty if I was a member of your family.