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Thursday, May 22, 2014

6 hours in Frog Hollow

                            . . . a Mountain Bike Race!

there are a couple of things I need to clarify
1.   I hate rocks
2.  I dislike narrow roads with random obstacles in my path
                      . . . I’m more of a predictable type of girl
3.  I am terrified of cliffs
so now you understand these points you will know that . . .

                            this race is NOT about me!!!

for all of the above reasons.


But Superman and the Hobo LOVE mountain biking and this was their first Mountain Bike race and they were both pretty stoked about it.

Superman is trying to convert me to the "dirt" and I have agreed to ride my mountain bike at least once a week, but I am here to announce that my first love will always be on the Road. . . NOT in the dirt on the trails. . .

. . . refer to the above list if you have further questions

Actually the Hobo was pretty nervous.
 he had allowed himself to get pretty soft over the winter and didn’t feel very prepared. 


Frog Hollow is a circuit race, meaning that you ride a 12.88 mile loop as many times, as fast as you can in 6 hours.

We had done a lot of looking on-line prior to Frog Hollow so we had a rough idea of what to expect, but until you have actually done a specific event it seems there are always dozens of unanswered questions that you just sort of figure out along the way.

but we figured it out pretty quick and overall had a great time!

Because Superman was involved we came VERY prepared for anything to happen, my job was to keep everyone fed, hydrated, and assist with any other oddity that came up to help get it taken care of. . .  such as oiling chains that were so dusty/dirty that they were squeaking, thus no longer shifting smoothly.


The weather was sunshine warm and absolutely PERFECT for a race in the dessert with plenty of dust and NO trees.  We came prepared and were expecting such conditions, so our tent cover was a wonderful addition to all the stuff that is required for a bike ride.

DSC03991 DSC03990

Despite our research and reading blogs about Frog Hollow, we were still a little uncertain of how it worked exactly 

The start was one of those.

Riders park their bikes somewhere along the way about
1/4 mile up the road from the actual starting line


then go back with everyone else and 

wait . . .

                           wait . . .

                                                            wait . . .

                                                                                                               . . . BANG


and everyone takes off running for their bike 

this is referred to as a LaManns start

Or as Superman dubbed it . . .
“the Spandex, buffalo stampede!”


It was interesting as a spectator

if you have never seen approx 200 adults running full tilt wearing
 cycling shoes, spandex, and cycling helmets

Not only does it look sort of odd, but it sounds sort of like a herd of. . .

well . . .

I’m not sure how to describe it, 

I’m pretty sure a herd of horses sound more graceful

but I think cows would be louder

these guys just sounded like running in cycling shoes was awkward and cumbersome

perhaps Superman pegged it correctly. . . Buffalo


When the Hobo arrived at the support tent after his first lap, he was LOVING this race and became very excited and quite animated about the event. . . sort  like his dad, but he fully understood that this WAS a race and got out of there pretty quick.
(This is quite possibly my favorite picture. . . 

the hair tells all. . .



Superman came in on his first lap, he was happy and loving life!

He started up a friendly chat with our “tent” neighbors and I had to remind him he was in a race and that he had better get a move on it. . .

yeah, that’s my Superman.


And so it was around and around for six hours, 
both riders averaged just over an hour per lap. 

It’s easy to observe the support peeps were highly entertained and VERY Supportive. ..

honestly, we had a good time and it was a Wonderful day

Superman was hoping for 5 laps, but fell short of that by about 20 minutes. . . 

The Hobo did better than he thought he would, but was pretty sore the week after, but said he would rather do this again than have his wisdom teeth out. . . now, that’s saying something  

. . . I would be tempted to opt for the teeth.

And as is true to form for most races, Superman is already planning what he would do differently next year to get his 5 laps in. . . The Hobo is anxiously waiting to get home from his mission to do this again. . . Yes, I think it’s safe to say they had a grand ol time.

As for me, I sort of caught the fever from the fun and energy that is generated at an event, and thought to myself, maybe I should try this race, it seems fun,

and everyone looked like they were having a good time. . .

                                                  But it ended right there. . . 

with my thoughts!

As I heard the stories, and saw some of the event pictures of the real terrain and thought better than to verbalize my thoughts. . . I will be perfectly content being support crew.

As for life in general, trust me, life is plenty busy and with me experiencing some interesting health challenges it has been difficult for me as it has impacted my training and those euphoric  moments of success, as I’m just not having them, despite my diligent training all winter and spring.  There is nothing serious going on, but it has dramatically slowed me down, which is extremely frustrating!

It has been discouraging and we are desperately trying to figure out what exactly is going on, Right now I yo-yo between hopeful and positive thinking that all will be well and go the way I think it will which is also the way I want, which would be optimal . . .

to the exact opposite of thinking that I’ll be broken forever!  

Time will tell, but in the mean time life is definitely busy and moving forward, and that my friends is always a good thing!

As always, thanks for stopping in and sharing our adventure with us. . .  Friends are always welcome!

Have a great weekend . . . 
and find the joy in your journey!


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