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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rockwell Relay 2014–Part 3

Rather than write each part as I post I’ve decided to try writing the entire thing up so I don’t have to find the time to fit in a write up each week, hopefully this will help with timing and consistency.  This report is a little dry because so much time has lapsed some of the animation is lacking, and we are lacking in pictures, which takes away from the post.  As a result I am putting random pics that we DID take to help keep it interesting.

But because this blog is a journal of sorts for me I have decided to finish it out anyway, then LOTOJA is next. 

Thanks for stopping in and sharing my adventures with me. .

Life is good. . . VERY good, 

just busy and I think for real I’m getting somewhat of a routine settled.  My house has officially sold which has taken loads off my mind and out of my schedule!  What a relief it is to no longer have the stress of a double mortgage and the concerns of fixing repairing, appointments to show the home, the never ending  of hope and disappointments to tangle with.

Rockwell Relay Continued. . .  Finally

striped rock - 2013 Rockwell file photo

You can read Part 1 here

 . . . and review part 2 here

Now here is part 3. . .

The race was going well enough.  Battling the headwinds was getting old and it was plenty warm as we progressed through the Utah Dessert. 

I enjoyed the short descent down which I knew would go up again and continue up until the end of my leg.  Because I knew my team wouldn’t be too far up the road I didn’t reserve or hold back on drinking through the climb and as I approached the top the line of cars waiting for riders was there and there were tons of support but then as I approached the top it became increasingly evident that my team



why would they do that, 

at what point did we change the rules of our game plan??? 

my water was not only close to gone, but it was warm too. . . drinking warm to hot water is almost useless and I was not happy, not happy at all.  I reached the top of the hill anxiously wanting a fresh water bottle, and needing it I complained aloud. . . as it was obvious that they were not there

Where are my people ???

I still had 14 miles of hot windy dessert to go and honestly didn’t know if I would be able to do that. 

This is where the tactical part of me takes over in the midst of chewing my team out and rehearsing all kinds of conversations to that end. . .

slow down.  Yes it will take longer but if I don’t have water I don’t want nor could I afford full exertion it makes me need it even more.

Survival was my key objective. I knew that once I made it to the exchange there would be cold water and plenty of it, I would then be able to help myself, but of course, my team would feel bad they had deserted me and would be all over helping me, as they felt guilt and remorse for abandoning me in the middle of the dessert.

While still annoyed, I was going to make it work.

all the while watching the odometer slowly counting down the distance between where I was at and the exchange station . . . 15 miles

                            14.8 miles

                                                      14.3 miles

                                                                                13.9 miles . . .

this was going to take a while, and I was not in a happy place. . . not happy at all!


Then to my absolute relief another team drove by, they must have heard my dismay of “Where are my People!!!, and offered to share one of their water bottles. . . my guardian angels were driving a beautiful cherry red car. . .

 it was like Santa Clause came to my urgent aid.  

at this point I didn’t think about who had been sucking on said water-bottle, only that it had cool refreshing water in it and it would keep me alive. . . . . . and I graciously accepted their offer and we traded one of my favorite bottles for one of unknown origin. 

 I remembered from last year we did a similar thing for someone else, and I fully understood his gratitude as he took our bottle. . .

A few seconds later a second support came to my rescue, offering my thanks I sent them on their way as my immediate needs were met and I continued to pedal down the road rehearsing several greetings, and feelings of appreciation in my mind as the odometer slowly crawled forward.

It is difficult to express my growing annoydness (is that a word? . . . ) that I had been abandoned by my team as I desperately clung to how the Lord was looking out after me despite what my so called friends were doing. . . mingled with the anger and frustration of what happened to the plan. . . it worked for Doug.  Mentally and emotionally I was not in a healthy place, and despite my "I am going to make this happen attitude, was taking it's toll.

Then as I came to the top of the next roller there they were!

All thoughts of abandonment and frustration instantly melted away as I was given a bottle of ice water and rattled off a description of the cherry red car with Santa's Elf who had my water bottle. . .

because we had determined not to stop while riding all bottles were exchanged in a toss and hand off method or a drive-by approach so time to communicate was limited and brief.

They then took off to get Superman ready for his leg. I was content and happy to pedal my way to the exchange point somewhere in Mule Canyon.

I'm quite certain Mule canyon was named what it is for a reason. . . this is a dry hot windy place on the globe, that is well, mostly uphill. . . which makes this 44 mile section kind of a grind.

the whole duration of this leg was windy and I found myself wondering what the conditions were going to be like for the 9:00 starters and then the 12:00 noon starts. . .

I was grateful for the wisdom of our team in changing our start time to 6:00 am.

2014-06-13 07.55.58

In the end I was VERY disappointed in my performance. 

yeah, sure I tried to tell myself that the wind slowed me down, which was true, but in the end it took me 37 minutes longer than last year.

That was the end of being competitive . . . yeah I was disappointed.

I knew I was fat and slow and slow was largely do to being fat. somehow I MUST fix this problem!

. . . why does ice-cream and hamburgers have to taste so good? 

When I arrived at the exchange station Superman was ready to ride. we exchanged the baton of sorts. . .

a flexible wrist band that you “slap” on to the next rider and off he went.

He too battled the wind.

For him it came in all directions.


it would be blowing as a tail wind then change to a head wind without reason or warning then to a cross wind. It was the strangest thing ever.

 I will look forward to being back next week :)

. . . but until then, I hope life is treating you well!


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