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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Alien Evicted!

Ahhh, it feels good to be back!

Before I get to the story about Aliens and such, I want to say hello to anyone who may be still
around. . .

Hello Smile 

Just after my last post in November 2014 something happened to my blog. . .

it was tragic
I wish I new for sure what happened,
but I could no longer post. 

I did a write up about the Ultimate Challenge that Superman completed, and did amazingly well I might add

. . . and NOTHING happened. . .

unless you count this as something happening!

blog fail 3
error. . . cannot write to blog??? 
around, and around, and around we went, the never ending loop of the same response popping up.  I changed my password with Google, I tried re-configuring with LiveWriter, I tried everything I knew how to do 

blog fail 2
. . . with the same never-ending response:

. . . please check username and password

                             Wait for it. . .


Wait. . .

blog fail 1

I think that sums up NOTHING quite nicely,. . .

and yes, the facial expression on Superman sums up my feelings perfectly!

Adding to my injuries, the other sad thing that happened is my eye-fi quit working too

it was a highly distressful time of life

Complicating the situation, if you know me well at all, you know that I LOVE my computer when it works, beyond that, yes, I am completely helpless

yes, helpless is a good descriptive word here.

I asked both Superman and the Genius to help out and learned a very important thing. . .

. . . are you ready to hear what I learned?

well, here it is . . .

If a problem, particularly in the arena of technology,
doesn’t affect someone directly,
they have VERY little motivation to correct the problem

unfortunately, I had to re-learn that MY blog is not a priority to those around me.
it was a sad day indeed.
so I begged
“What would you like for Christmas?

. . . please fix my blog and eye-fi

I did receive some very nice things, one being a white wool coat that I have been wanting for a very long time, and I was grateful, but still very disappointed that my blog was still broken.

“What would you like for your birthday”?

. . . please fix my blog and eye-fi

Again, I received some very nice things, like a label maker and a beautiful red stew pot, that I have been wanting for a very long time, and I was grateful, but still very disappointed that my blog was still broken

“What would you like for Mother’s day”?

. . . please fix my blog and eye-fi

Zilch. . .

Again, I received some very nice things, and was ultimately pampered, which I must say was wonderful, and I was grateful, but still very disappointed that my blog was still broken.

do you see the pattern?

it was simple, my blog was not a priority to anyone that I knew who could help me, . . . or better said: that wanted to help me . . .

so in a nutshell, my blog was left abandoned.
Then one day Superman decided that something was more seriously wrong than a damaged hamstring and decided to go get it checked out. . . this thing has been bothering him for years.  It's why he decided NOT to do LOTOJA this past year and why Rockwell was such a difficult event.
After a series of appointments, nerve test, muscle test, MRI, followed with a referral to a specialist, who then referred him to a "specialist", specialist, it was conclusive . . .
the alien MRI with arrow

. . . He had an alien taking up residence in his Spinal Column.

thumbs up circled1

In reality is actually larger than it appears on this little picture.  As the procedure was completed, The surgeon, Dr. Dailey demonstrated the size as the size of an adult thumb from the join to the tip and was taking up approximately 65%-70% of the space in the spinal column 

We received the diagnosis just before Halloween. 

The Alien actually has a name
“Ancient Schwannoma Cyst”

there was no other way to get rid of it than to have it removed,

surgery was our only option.
Without surgery it would have continued to grow causing eventual paralysis 

We scheduled surgery for Dec 28, 2015, and kicked life into gear and readied everything we could, while hoping for a cancellation surgery date, for November or even early December.  After surgery, Superman wouldn’t be able to lift anything over 10 lbs until at least the end of January, and no more than 25lbs through at least the end of March, he wouldn't be able to get on a bike or run until April, and who know what limitations after that.

  • We built a wall downstairs,
  • split wood and stacked the wood pile high,
  • Changed oil in both cars,
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving
  • Enjoyed Christmas
  • cleaned, organized, and a few other odds and ends. 

But the thing I was excited about the very most, is that Superman promised to fix my blog while he was off work recovering.

YAY. . . My hopes soared!
The blog was going to be fixed. . . YAY!!!

Trusting in the hands of surgeon, Dr. Andrew T. Dailey at the UofU Center of Neurology

. . . wow, those are some big words there. . .

Just had to say that. . .

anyway Dr. Dailey was amazing. 
to us, he is a miracle worker. . . sort of like Miracle Max, but with much more sophistication

December 27th finally arrived and we packed up and left for Salt Lake City where we stayed the night so we could be at the Hospital at
oh-oh  dark early as we went in and had that little demon removed. 

The Daughter, The Businessman, and The Genius all chipped in for us to stay in a Hotel that was like 5 minutes from the UofU Hospital. . . Then the musician stayed at our home with our little actress, and little fur monsters, so we could get a head start on our day.  We were so grateful, it was already going to be a long day, but eliminating the need to be up, showered and on the road by 4:00 am was a HUGE bonus.

Thanks Guys!

not that we slept that well, but it was great to be so close to where we needed to be. . . it reduced the anxiety and stress levels by quite a lot!


The morning went quickly, as superman didn’t really look like superman anymore, all ready for his big day.  I think being in Salt Lake the night before helped him decide not to bail on the procedure all together. 
. . . which was a viable option,
and seriously considered.


This particular bed had visible remnants of children visitors. . . hehehe
The surgery went well, in fact exceptionally well, and our greatest fear

. . . Paralyses

was not realized. . .


Trip #1

DSC05374 DSC05373

Each day we came to visit our little actress would make dad a card, partially to entertain herself during the 90 minute drive to the hospital each day, but mostly to say we miss you at home and will be happy when we get to bring you home with us!
The Hospital staff was phenomenal and made him as comfortable and met his every need while he was trapped in bed, flat on his back, all hooked up to wires and tubes and whatever else.

One Nurse even brought him ice-cream!


After 52 hours of laying on his back . . .


we finally got a peek at the damage. . .

but we couldn’t see much

seriously, how disappointing!

Trip #2

DSC05376 DSC05377

It was turning out to be the long haul

52 hours is a VERY long time to be in bed on your back,

not even rolling on his side was allowed.


Finally they removed all the tubes, needles, and other hardware. . .


Superman was finally allowed to sit up!




Trip #3

DSC05378 DSC05379

to finally standing and walking.  What a wonderful day this was for him, he felt true freedom!

When the discharge papers finally came after day 4 in the hospital, he couldn’t sign them quickly enough.

He came home with a few new toys too. . .


This apparatus is a breathing machine.  We learned that if a person is bedridden for long periods of time the lungs don’t work as well and pneumonia easily sets in.  They gave him this little gadget to exercise his lungs. . .

yup, he’s healthy enough

This is one of the coolest, nifty gadgets they have come up with.  It’s a little difficult to tell what is happening here, but this little thing help a person who can’t bend over put their own socks on! 
and now. . .


we have our own little grabber-picker-upper tool too!

all these great inventions so someone can be independent when they can’t bend over.

. . . pretty cool stuff!


finally back at home, recovery went exceptionally well.  We measured the incision and it was 4.25” in length. . . much bigger than what was originally planned.   Turns out this little beast was sending tentacles up to other root nerves and they had to go fishing to get all of it.


Trip #4

DSC05372 DSC05375

We were excited to bring Superman home!

Recovery was going exceptionally well and it was time for Superman to go back to work, he started out at 2 hours a day and built up from there. 

My hope for the blog was waning

then Superman was ready for full time work. . . yep, you guessed it no blog, no eye-fi. 

All hopes were dashed.

Dashed to the point that I figured I would have to start a new blog altogether.  I looked at a few name possibilities and tried to find a fun name for my new blog, but my creative juices, have never been cute and creative and all the cool things I could think of were already taken

    • Be Amazing
    • loving life
    • just because
    • having fun

. . . I was drawing blanks.

. . . finally I went to bed depressed.

Superman could tell something was not right. . .

I was so disappointed, it was depressing, when I told him why, he felt bad

Turns out, he didn’t know what to do, this blog business was new to him.  Let me say, as I said in the beginning. . . it’s true

. . . my blog was not a priority.

Guaranteed if this was something that the Genius or Superman WANTED to figure out because it was bugging them, and impacted their happiness, they would have stopped everything life wanted moving forward to figure out a solution. 

Seriously, I’ve seen both these men sit in front of a computer obsessed to the point that anything going on around them appeared non existent. 
. . . sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair
. . . at least not to me.
I had poked around the internet for a few solutions,
but the ones I found were well over my head

. . . bummer.

Well, in the end Superman did feel bad, and decided to make it a priority and guess what. . .
He fixed my blog!


eye-fi is still a disaster, but I can start posting again,

and that makes me happy!

I’ve missed my time here, and I’m glad to be back. . .

see ya'all in a few days


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