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Monday, September 26, 2016

A New Journey in Life

This year has been a bit rough for me, as I’ve been introduced to the reality of aging

(it’s hard to think that I will be 54 this winter!) 

who would have guessed age would catch up to me so quickly and things in my body ceased to function the way that they have in the past, making life difficult. 

Everything takes a hit when health challenges come, they arrive unexpectedly and stick around like an unwanted house guest.

While I feel (and Hope)  I’ve found the top of the mountain, it has not come without a price.

yeah. . . I’ve gained a ton of weight!

Here's the rundown on this picture. . . It's a history of me

The first picture (the orange and red one) is after my first century in 2007. . . I had been in an auto accident 5 years previous which left me pretty messed up with some back injuries that left me basically immobile for close to 5 years.. . . the reality was, I was unable to bend over to put shoes or socks on

. . . yes, all footwear was in the form of slip-on type shoes and jumpers skirts anything that didn't require me to bend over.  

and to answer the question I'm certain you have in your mind

. . . yes, it was awful and I got to my biggest size ever

I was pushing into size 18

After much searching I found a Dr. that helped me get back together again and I re-discovered bikes.  This is where I found road cycling. . . I look miserable in this picture, because I was.  Sunburned and exhausted. 

This first Century took me over 9 hours to complete and I didn't think about sunscreen. . . 

I was absolutely miserable!

as I finished that ride I had determined that I NEVER wanted to ride a bike again!

. . . Obviously, I changed my mind

the Center picture (the pink one) was in 2012.

 I was fitter, happier, and stronger than I have ever been.  

This ride is after LOTOJA . . . . comparing with my first century (100 miles) to now at 206 miles, in just under 11.5 hours with 3X the climbing.  I'm not tired, I could have gone further and was happy and excited.

Then finally today (the green and yellow).  Still happy, not as over weight as I was in 2007, but right in the middle with a quest to get my health and fitness back on track.

So there you have it. . . I have some work to do!

okay I may not have a ton to shed:  28 lbs to be precise, and that means to be where I need and want to be to achieve my goals for next year I have a lofty goal of reducing my size by 3 dress sizes and a total of 33 lbs.

. . . which feels like a ton

The other reality as a side effect of being big and my clothes don’t fit, seriously, I only have like 3 pairs of pants that fit on my bulging body. . .

the other reality is . .

I’ve gotten SLOW! 

Superman and I went for a ride up Big Cottonwood Canyon and I thought I was going to die!  He made it to Brighton Ski Resort and I was barely to Solitude. . . I had 2 miles ahead of me and at the pace I was going it would have taken me another 30 minutes and we were quickly running out of daylight.

That’s my reality, two miles short of what I set out to do and it was necessary to turn around and get back down the canyon.

The last time I did this same ride I made it to this same point 26 minutes faster

. . . that says all that needs to be said.

We weren’t racing, just going up with as much speed as physically possible.  This was a “Base” ride. . . we wanted to see exactly where we are at or rather, how much fitness we have lost in this past year

                                                      Honestly. . .


and now it’s time to correct the problem.


For starters, we have joined up with “myfitnesspal” a free app and web based program for helping people like me. . .


and we are logging every morsel of food that pops into our mouths
As you can see, Thursday wasn’t a stellar day, but we were just beginning and so this was an eye opening experience.


We record how much water we drink in a single day. . .

from experience, I KNOW that water is absolutely vital to successful weight maintenance/loss

I walked on Thursday morning and “earned” a whopping 110 calories toward my daily goals.  As you can see I need to stop sneaking into the pop tarts. . . those things are deadly

. . . yeah, it was only a snack and I ONLY ate 1 of the 2 in the package


Superman and I are friends inside of “myfitnesspal” which allows him to see what I’ve done throughout the day and I him, we will log our weight once a week and keep an eye on each other. 

It’s humbling.

It makes me feel vulnerable to know that people can see exactly where I’m at, but on the flip side hopefully it will help someone else be brave too.  I love helping others find happiness and contentment within themselves

. . . so it’s worth the risk of letting go of a little pride

Do you realize that a single little Hershey Kiss is valued at 22 calories? 

think about how easy it is to pop 1, then 2, then 5 or 9 of those little demons into your mouth and down the hatch. . . and without even realizing it, you have eaten an entire meal of calories.  Then dinner comes and you eat “real food” this time but it all adds up, and it adds up fast!

Someone brought Hershey kisses to church and dutifully I gobbled one up

. . . not anymore!


I need more days like Tuesday!

1127 calories in the bank toward where I want to be. . . that's what I need!

So with the help of Strava, Myfitnesspal, Planet Fitness, my bike, Superman, and a few good friends helping to keep my motivation and spirits up

myself along with Superman we are tackling the beast within and have big plans to get back to that happy place that I have been previous to the past couple of years.

in Short, I don’t appreciate being fat, I don’t like being slow

                                            . . . it takes the fun out of riding a bike

                                                                                                       or going on a hike 

when I’m packing around and extra bag of dog food

. . . in fact, it right down stinks!
So now as I reflect back on my successes of the past and step forward into the future with a “brightness of hope” I invite you to join me in my journey of self improvement and new successes.


This is where I am after Breakfast this morning

We have opted to do our best to reach our goal by New Years so our New Year goals will be met with momentum and joy as we will not need to put “get in shape” on that list along with 1/2 of the rest of the world. . .

In other words, we are going to beat the post holiday rush. . .

have you ever been to a gym in the month of January?  I think at least 1/2 of society in general  tries to set the record straight and sets out to create new images of themselves, but usually by mid February everything settles back to normal.

I’ll wager a bet that fitness centers across the country love the whole idea of “new years resolutions”
As it appears they make bank!

 Maybe I'll go shopping for new pants instead
now that sounds more fun to me!

So for now mingled between events of the past I am including various posts about this journey I've decided to embark on.
We had a fantastic summer that includes a trip to the Redwoods, Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, Backpacking in Yellowstone, I still haven't reported on Last Year's LOTOJA. . . I've hesitated on this for multiple reasons, but for the sake of "tradition" I've concluded that I still need to put it on here so family and close friends can have the stories that go along with it.
. . . it's for posterity

and anyone else who would like to come along.

The bottom line. . . I've Lost it once, I'll do it again

. . . that's the good news
now, it's time to get'er done

oh, and we had a fun trip to Dinosaur Land last year that will be fun to write about too.
I have some new recipes that I would like to post on and need to. . . requests from friends for recipes and such . . .

Life truly is great!


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