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The Bakery

I love to cook and create new and fabulous things to eat and devour.  Treats and deserts are my specialty, but I will try most anything that looks good.  I have done a fair amount of cake decorating in my life, mostly for family and good friends.  I haven't been brave enough or motivated enough to open a bakery but  would not turn down a bigger kitchen.  Making new creations for family and friends is something I love to do.  

The reward is watching and listening for the expression. . . . 
                                                                       This is the cake we made for the daughters wedding             

Recipe's From the Pantry

                                       . . . simple as cake

Featured Recipes from the Blog:
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Apricot/Raspberry Cobbler
We added chantilly cream to ours, also known as thickened cream. . . SENSATIONAL!

Cookie Blocks!
This isn't a recipe, but how I made blocks out of sugar cookies to dress up cupcakes for a baby shower.

Caribbean Truffle
A light refreshing lemon with a touch of lime dessert

Chicken Salad
This is a light chicken salad that is excellent on rolls or croissants.

Cinnamon Rolls
These are my one of my signature trademark items. I am famous for these rolls, and often have special requests to bring them to different functions as my contribution.

Gingersnap Cookies
These flavorful, but soft cookie are excellent when paired with an orange icing.  One of my most requested cookies!

Oatmeal Spice Cake
This is the daughters favorite cake.  Super moist, easy, simple, and wonderfully rich & delicious. . . a little goes a long way!

Poached Pears
A healthy, fat free dessert that is elegant, EASY to prepare, and VERY tasty!

Pomegranate & Rye Salad
A festive, healthy, salad for the holidays!  Replace the pomegranate with sugared cranberries for a summer delight.

Pappa Pomodoro
Italian for "that fresh little tomato yumminess soup"

We love pie!  This post is all about pies made for a Thanksgiving feast!  If there is a specific recipe or directions you would like. . . please jet me an e-mail, and I will send it your direction.

Play Dough
Just for fun . . . kids and adults enjoy this!

These delightful little treats are perfect for BBQ's or picnics,  the best part is. . . No campfire required!

Summer Salsa
Fresh Salsa that isn't hot and spicy, guaranteed to be loved by crowds of all ages.

The genius is all into sushi, so we decided to make some ourselves. . . Oh sooooo good!

 Cake Album:

We choose a quilted  pattern for the top, while the pattern for both the middle and bottom layers, came directly from the daughter's dress.  The cake was perfectly her, and her reception was picture perfect in every way.  We were blessed with one of the 
only nice warm, sunny days in May.

Gender Revealing Party:

Ballerina Bear. . .

Ribbons & Bows for a Birthday

Beautiful, Fun Colors for a Wedding
The Hot Pink and Bright vivid Orange accents made for a stunning
presentation on this wedding cake
Fondant is the cake decorators dream, flawless beautiful cakes.  

Happy Birthday in a Basket: 

This is one of the easiest, funnest cakes to do. Clown heads, icing bodies, and gum-paste flowers.  The handle is a little more complex, but either way. . .  
Happy Birthday 

The "Clown" Cake can be adapted in many ways, such as the "Farewell, We Will Miss you" Hot Air Balloon cake, that you will find in the archives somewhere below in the pictures there.

This is a fun adaptable cake for anyone.

Simple Elegance for a Wedding

Simple, Easy, Moist, Delicious. . .

Spice Cake is one of the easiest cakes to make.  It is very rich and moist, so a little goes a long way.  This is the daughters favorite cake and we make it often for her birthday.  I baked this cake before work and assembled it during lunch.

My Favorite Cake!
It was my birthday and the daughter (age 13) and the Genius (age 11) decided to surprise me with a birthday cake.  They were overly concerned about what time I would get home from work that day.  I was working part-time and was scheduled off at 2:00 that afternoon.  However, after arriving at work my employer decided that I could leave early for my b-day that day, like 10:00 early.  I knew the children were up to something so I called home and told them I was getting off early but needed to run a couple of errands asking if they needed anything from the store.  The panic was evident in the daughters voice as she asked about how long I would be.  Having no idea what they were up to, I gave them an extra hour, while aimlessly wandering through a couple of stores.  They had the cake in the oven and as soon as it was done they tried to decorate it.  Of course icing a hot cake has never been a good idea, but it is still my favorite cake!

 Cake dressed up like a giant hamburger
We used a stabilized whipping cream instead of frosting, which is exceptionally yummy!

The simple beauty of this cake speaks for itself.  This was my first experience with fondant and I have been a advocate of fondant ever since.  It seamlessly elegant and beautiful.  The Handkerchief effect is exceptionally soft and dainty.

Many cakes were created before the era of digital was even conceptualized.
 . . . Ouch, that makes me old.  

I have scanned them and now they are on da blog.  It is revealing how far my skills have come, and it's fun to realize I've done more than a couple of cakes in my day!

This was my first cake that I did for "a customer"  It turned out fun, but I have to admit I've come a long way since this day.

Lattice and strings

The perfect bride for a bridal shower.
50th Wedding Anniversary

Blue & Gold Banquet

This was the Genius' 10th Birthday. . . he had the "G.I. Joe syndrome"!

Dots, Dots, Dots

floating cakes

Garden Elegance

Ribbon & Lace

Birthday Wishes

Country Wedding

Tea Party


Farewell, we will miss you, and good luck

Practicing Flowers for Cake Decorating Class

Dinosaur Land!

Honoring Grandmother

For a book worm

WWII Veteran
4th of July

I had a ton of fun with this one, 
Maria had a birthday and had just graduated from Cosmetology School

Happy Valentines

Fresh and pretty, Beth a wonderful gardener and friend

More Pirates, I must have boys in the house!

Roller Coaster fun

Every young man's dream, their very own tree house!

Glass Elegance
I just like flowers!

Friend, Mother, Grandmother

A mission farewell.
This family has sent missionaries around the world:
France, Finland, Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Argentina
Even though this was for the first missionary, it turned out very appropriate.

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  1. Pure talent. I have NEVER seen such beautiful creations. You are amazing! :)