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This is my little "chef elf" that I received from the businessman for Christmas.  It was so fitting to put him on this page. 

So, the real purpose of this page: when "chef elf" & I get bored, we often find ourselves in the kitchen.  and for those days when not a lot is going on, like in January, when it is sub zero outside and nothing better to do inside, I've decided to share with you some of my favorite kitchen gadgets, how I use them, and why I think everyone should have them.

There is no intent to get into the business of comparing products, consumer reports does a fine job at that.  What I want to do, is share with you things that I like and what I like or don't like about a specific gadget. . . you will then decide for yourself whether you want what I consider my favorite gadgets in your kitchen too.  If you are wondering about a specific gadget let me know and I will share, with you, my thoughts. 

My comments are based on personal opinion, perception, and current experience.

The Garlic Zoom, or as we call it, "the garlic tractor" 

Pineapple corer/slicer a great gadget to have if you love pineapple

The valve stem remover even though this isn't a "kitchen" gadget, it's a handy little tool to have around when you need it.

The "Whirley Pop" nifty popcorn popper is just fun

A Popcorn bucket is for those who love popcorn but hate eating the kernels!

Silicone hot-pad holder that is more than useful for a number of reasons!