Hello, I'm glad you're here, and hope you enjoy your visit. It has been said that "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." This blog is about me, my adventures, silly moments, and keeping in touch with you. Life is exciting and so full of possibilities, so let's enjoy the journey together.

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Little ol Me

Greetings, I’m excited you stopped in. 

I am continually in denial about getting old, even though I know it will happen to all of us, it is my greatest fear.  To help me remain in a state of denial I do my best to keep active with hiking, skating, and snowshoeing, and a smidgen of swimming.  However, having been banned from running after my 3rd knee surgery, which, to my dismay, put an end to any serious triathlons.  Cycling is my primary activity, which leads to 206 mile bike rides in a single day.

In the next life I hope to be a beautiful & graceful figure skater, in this life I am rather “klunky” on skates.  I am somewhat of a romantic at heart, and love food & cooking,  my kids think that I ought to open a restaurant but I don’t want to work that hard, I have thought more seriously about a little bakery:  I would call it Country Gourmet and we would have fresh baked breads, treats and amazing things for breakfast or brunch and delectable soups and sandwiches for lunch.  My little bakery would feature a quiet cozy place to eat with a fireplace for chilly days and an outdoor patio in a garden and wooded atmosphere for those warm and delightful summer days possibly bordering a small creek or river. . . but as I always say. . . Dreams are free and you can make them anything you want.  I rarely get bored & usually always find something to fill my time.  I love traveling & have a hard time picking my favorite place.  It is my hope, to one day, go on an Alaskan cruise.

I love mornings, and hate being cold.  Every winter I ask my self why I live where I do, when the high for the day can be -20°.   I don’t really enjoy going out to the movies, I would much rather get a blanket, a bowl of popcorn and settle in for a movie in the comfort of my own home.  I am a pathetic gardener and need large amounts of tutoring in this area, my first attempt was pretty sad, even my zucchini failed!   I don't necessarily enjoy mountain biking unless it's easy terrain, mainly because I'm terrified of heights, and I don't like rocks, both of these elements sort of put the kibosh on the whole mountain biking adventure route.  The other thing that I don't enjoy are horses. Horses and I never have gotten along so we have a mutual understanding that I will avoid them and we will be fine.  Perhaps it's my fear of heights that causes my dislike of horses.  When on a horse, the ground is awfully far away.

Please share your adventures in life with me & together we will laugh, & enjoy learning from one another.

     · Place on the LOTOJA podium for my age group
     · Become a successful gardner, growing vegetables and things to eat
     · Read “Jesus the Christ” by James Talmage
     · Go on an Alaskan Cruise
     · Learn how to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
     · Go on a bike tour to the North-East, I hear it's beautiful
     · Go on vacation via train

-  Denver Colorado
-  Niagara Falls, Canada
-  Crater Lake
-  Redwoods
-  Grand Canyon
-  Yellowstone (several times)
-  St. Anthony, ID Sand Dunes
-  Martin’s Cove, WY
-  Dinosaur Land, Vernal UT
-  Austria, England, France, Scotland
-  Steamboat Springs, CO
-  Any of the places I’ve already been
-  Havasupai Falls

-  Leavenworth Washington 
-  Wind Rivers
-  Hawaii
-  Palmyra
-  Kirtland

-  Canada (NOT in the winter)
-  Prince Edward Island
-  Ireland
-  Italy
-  New Zealand


-  Hope for the Flowers, Trina Paulus
-  Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
-  Little House on the Prairie Books
                Laura Ingalls Wilder
-  The Color Code,  Taylor Hartman
-  What are You so Grumpy About
                 Tom Lichtenheld
-  Work & the Glory Series, Gerald Lund
-  Beyond this Moment, Shirley Sealy
-  Anita Stansfield Books
-  A beautiful Mind
-  Anne of Greene Gables
-  Cars
-  EverAfter
-  Forgotten Carols (the original)
-  French Kiss
-  Heidi
-  Les Miserables
-  Miss Potter
-  The Cutting Edge
-  The Incredibles
-  Phantom of the Opera
-  Rocketeer
-  The Saint
-  Scarlet Pimpernel (The Musical)
-  Secondhand Lions
-  What About Bob?
-  You’ve Got Mail

Have you ever been asked  "What would you like for. . . ."?
I have on serveral occasions. . . usually Christmas or Birthday's, but I can never seem to remember what little things I've thought "that would be nice, cool, or fun, to have. . . at that moment I need to remember them, so I am going to try to sort of keep a list going here so It is always accessible, not necessarily a focal point, but rather just sort of there. . .

glass beverage pitcher
-  gift Certificate to Kitchen Kneads
-  gift certificate to Contender Bicycle
-  cookbook. . . "how to break an egg"
-  game "imagine if. . ."
-  soft fluffy pillows
-  10 lb dumb bells
-  15 lb dumb bells 
-  thinsulate headband (or similar)
-  insulated beanie
-  7-8" Shun chef knife
-  new and bigger i-pod . . . mine ran out of room :( 
-  knee warmers
-  lap top computer . . . this is for my rich and generous friends, you know who you are :)

If you are feeling VERY generous and have lots of spare cash that you NEED or WANT to   dispose of in my behalf I have several other ideas. . . call me personally for more details