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swim-bike-run ~ i tri

me in my bike gear

This is where you will hear about my various events that I decide to attempt.  Some believe that I'm crazy, well, okay, most people think I've got a couple of loose bolts upstairs. When the children grew up and moved out, I was left to retire with the Dog.  The Dog is his own story and has his very own page, but participating and having a goal to work towards helps to keep me motivated and it adds spice to my life.  So here you can read my event & race reports and perhaps you will be inspired to go on your own crazy adventure.

Whenever I go on a long ride and see someone, usually a mom, sporting a mini-van, like me, I think to myself "she has been inspired by me and my bike".  That thought alone makes me smile and push just a little harder.  

It is my hope that everyone will find the joy in their own journey, as I do in mine.

Race/Event Reports 2012:
(As events are completed they become highlighted and underlined, then you click on them and they will take you to the blog page telling you about my experience there!)

Due to knee surgery in October I have decided to follow my doctors advice and eliminate running from my training regimen for a bit.  This year I will focus primarily on building and strengthening the bike and wait until late spring to build the run VERY slowly. 

You may notice this is a whole new line up of rides/events, there are only 2 rides that I have done before. . . I'm very excited for this season and looking forward to new routes, roads, and scenery!

Here are my 2012 plans!
  • FrontRunner Ride
  • Goldilocks Century
  • Little Red Century
  • Oquirrh Mtns (a personal ride that I will do with Angela)
  • Cache Valley Gran Fondo
  •  Pamperfest Relay
  • Tour de Park City Gran Fondo - cancelled from my itinerary: coach and I decided I had too much already going for July. . . maybe next year
  •  Kamas Loop (a personal ride that I will do with Angela)
  • Wildflower Pedalfest 
  • Heber Valley Classic 
In addition to these I plan to again ride my 7500 ft century that I do each year sometime in  July and possibly again in August.

Race/Event Reports 2012:
(Click on the highlighted event name, and it will take you to the blog page)

  • FrontRunner Ride- 61 miles, ride time 3:58 -kind of slow, but relaxing a season starter
  • Goldilocks Century - 103 miles, actual ride time 5:41
  • Little Red Century - 102 miles, actual ride time 5:31

Race/Event Reports 2011:
(Click on the highlighted event name, and it will take you to the blog page)

Triathlon (tri) Definitions: 
Sprint:  500 yd swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
Olyimpic (Oly):  1 mile swim, 24 mile bike, 6.2 mile run
Long Course or Half Ironman:  1.5 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run
Ironman: 2.3 mile swim, 111 mile bike, 26.2 mile run
         (just for the record, I have no desire to be an "Ironman", that's a little over the edge for me)

Events/Races participated in for 2010:
(Click on the highlighted event name, and it will take you to the blog page)
  • Little Red Riding Hood - event time: 6:37 (75 miles)
  • MS 150 -
    • Friday event time:  4:51 (72 miles)  
    • Saturday event time: 7:32 (101 miles)
  • CV Super Sprint Tri - race time:  1:32.40  
    • Swim:  12:10.3  T1: 4:13.1  Bike:  39:52.9  T2:  2:27.9  Run:  33:57.3 
  • Spudman Oly Tri- race time: 3:20.24.0
    • Swim 24.00.5   T1:  8.59.6  Bike:  1:15.01  T2:  5.53.9  Run:  1:26.28.8
  • 8000 ft day - personal cycling event: 8:01 (99 miles)
  • ULCER - event time: 6.28 (107 miles)
  • LOTOJA - race time: 12:39.06 (206 miles)
  • Turkey Trot - Race time: 33:00 minutes (3.1 miles)

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